Unified Life Insurance Company is a stock life insurance company, incorporated in Texas in May 2001, and owned by the Buchanan family. The company today is the successor to a previous Unified Life that was under the same ownership since 1986.

The company is currently licensed to conduct life, health and annuity insurance and reinsurance business in 49 states (all but New York) and the District of Columbia. Unified Life operates primarily as an acquirer of insurance companies or re-insurer of life, health and annuity risks written by other companies. Most of the administrative functions are handled from its office in Overland Park, Kansas. In addition to the acquisition and reinsurance activities, the company offers policies in niche markets on a direct sales basis.

The mission of Unified Life Insurance Company is keeping promises that have been made to policyholders.  Often, the fulfilling of these promises comes at difficult times in the lives of our clients.  It is our obligation to fulfill these promises on a timely basis in a helpful and cordial manner.  It is important to achieve our mission on a fair and equitable basis that is efficient, ethical, and professional.  Finally, these promises must be fulfilled with the highest level of integrity.